For nearly 40 years WHITE Incorporated has been working for multinational corporations in creating, developing and implementing advertising and promotional campaigns in the field of food, spices, beverages, travel, fashion and electronics.
The relationship between the another countries and Japan is very close, however sometimes there are moments of misunderstandings. We feel it is important to act as a "cross-cultural filter" to facilitate better communication between the two or more cultures and countries. WHITE specializes in marketing creative and branding strategies.
We begin by researching and analyzing your company in the Japanese marketplace and develop marketing communication method to reach your clients and customers.

Promotion activities with airlines and tourism offices

Through the long business relationship with ANA Group, we have been developing so many outbound projects for these 20 years, Universal Orlando Resort, ANA’s CHINAVI program for mainland China outbound program. ANA’s Southeast Asian resorts promotion for the Asian gateway cities, ANA’s Travel Europe to cover almost the major cities by Munich, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Brussels. As the new launch programs, we have organized Winter Canada (Vancouver) promotion, ANA Sydney campaign and ANA Mexico City campaign with the country and local tourism offices. Under the ANA marketing team, we developed ANA's Munich to Europe portal site in 2010. and acquired the Gold Grand-Prix in the ETC (European Travel Committee) Media Day.